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How successful will franchising be for my business? 

It would depend on various factors e.g., your business concept and appeal, infra-structure and support systems, marketing efforts and professionalism of your operation.


What do I have to invest in to franchise my business?  

It depends on the level of your existing business operation. To get the best out of franchising, you not only need to develop the franchise package and agreement etc., but it often means enhancing your systems and marketing support. A franchise management team must be established. Investments are also required to promote and enhance your brand image. Marketing support is another  major consideration.


What can DFS do?

We provide comprehensive services to help you attain your goals in franchising. Because of our knowledge, experience and exposure in practical franchising, we can help you develop plans that can be implemented.  Avoid making costly mistakes. Our programs are composed to cater to the different needs of our clients.


How long does it take to develop a franchise?

Again, the duration is dependent on the level of operation you have achieved. Typically, a complete development process takes approximately 6 - 9 months.


What can happen if the franchise is developed incorrectly or insufficiently?

Deficient development can lead to serious operational problems which may cause the untimely demise of the franchise. In franchising, there is usually only one chance in making your franchise succeed. 


How can I be sure that the plans developed by DFS can be implemented?

DFS is significantly different from other franchise consultants in the region as we not only develop franchising programs but actually manage franchises. Being the only franchise consulting firm in this region to manage franchises, our actual hands-on experience is invaluable in devising plans and contingencies. All our senior consultants are with wide business exposure and experience in franchising. You can be sure that the plans we devise are based on practicality and operational knowledge.

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