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Franchising has been hailed as the 'wave of the future' to 'the most dynamic marketing strategy ever' and recognized as a very important strategy to develop Malaysia's business scenario.

Though it is not for everyone, franchising can be your most effective growth strategy. Click on "Franchising" to understand this marketing strategy.

To give you an idea of franchising and the services we provide, we have prepared the following links.


FRANCHISING - A summary on franchising

WHY FRANCHISE - Some advantages and benefits you can harness

STEPS TO FRANCHISE - What you should do

EVALUATE YOUR BUSINESS - An initial evaluation program called the Preliminary Development Review performed to determine the feasibility in franchising your business.

PREPARE YOUR FRANCHISE - Franchise development programs to prepare your organization for franchising.

IMPLEMENT YOUR FRANCHISE - Long-term programs to establish and administer your franchise network.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are attached in the appropriate sections. For more information or assistance, please click on the INQUIRY button and submit the form to us.

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